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The HolliBell Foundation raises funds throughout the year to help animals in many areas. Whether it be working with rescues to chip away at the over population of strays and ferals, whether it's to give temporary help to low income families that require assistance keeping their pets or whether it's an emergency situation that requires funding, the HolliBell Foundation hopes to provide this relief.

Here are some of our past contributions:

Year 5 - here we come! Already donations made this year!

$2356.05 to Lanark Leeds Grenville for spay and neuter

$175 to various local rescues for general support

4th year results of donations!! Another amazing year with over $50,000 donated!!! This year we sponsored a record 390 pets to get affordable spay and neuter. So in 4 short years we have raised and donated over $172,000!!

Thank you!

3rd year of HolliBell Foundation was our BEST yet!!! Over $60,000 was donated to help local rescues as families get affordable spay and neuters. Over $35,000 of this was to support spay and neuters!. Here is a list of some of the donations we made in our 3rd year. (not all are listed).

So in 3 years we have now donated over $122,000!!! Amazing!! Thank you

Here are some of the donations we have sent in our 4th year

$100 food donations to Arnprior HS

$114 No Paw Left Behind

$1097.33 for Country Cat Sanctuary food donations

$150 Pound Paws (Abimes Rescue)

$500 Homes for Paws

$1200 Montreal Vet  for client of Pet Resource Bank

$1125.06 gift for Holiday gift giveaway

$200 Heidi's Kitty Haven

$200 Pound Paws

$100 Ottawa Stray Cat

$50 Matilda match with Help Ottawa Fur Kids

$129.04 food donation Operation Spay and Neuter

$183 Help Papineau rescue

$120 Dogs in Egypt

$245 Homes for paws

$448 More than a Feline

$169 More than a Feline food donations

$228 Spencerville TNR

$130 Arnprior HS

$115 Avery Foundation

$225 No Paws Left Behind

$420 Osgood Legion - Kingston 4 PAWS

$2357 Kingston 4 Paws - on behalf of Paws 4 Mark

$325 Holiday gift giveaway various rescues

$421.96 food donations to Poets Vision

$225.98 Lanark Leeds Spay for client

$100 Pound Paws

$100 Calabogie Rescue

$870.10 22 neuters sponsored with Lanark Leeds Spay and Neuter

$150 Ottawa Kitten Rescue

$20 Heidi's Kitten Haven

$500 Spencerville Match fundraiser

$600 Yoshie surgery

$150 Galgos de Sol

$3813.75 45 cats sponsored with Lanark Leeds Spay and Neuter

$100 Felix with Help Papineau

$200 Vanier Street Cats

$63.81 food Dickies Cause for Paws

$1000 Anya For the love of Dogs

$1500 Pet Resource Bank

$192.10 Lanark Leeds spay and neuter

$2900 Lanark Leeds spay and neuter

$100 Penny Lane

$488 Pet Resource Bank

$265 Homes for Paws Dog Rescue

$100 LAWS

$193 Whiskers and Alley Cats

$643 Tenth Line Vet

$500 Glebe Vet Lou support

$678 Josie Lanark Leeds spay and neuter

$1000 Tenth Line Ottawa Kitten Rescue

$500 Tenth Line Spencerville TNR

$348.31 Avery food sponsor program

$25 AShley Rabbit rescue

$904 Lanark Leeds spay and neuter

$100 Spencerville TNR Wanda

$150 Calabogie Rescue

$133 Homes for Paws Kevin food

$150 Pounds Paws vet help

$500 Glebe vet Hungry and Homeless

$23.90 Avery Foundation Mickey meds

$370 Sponsored flight Sit With Me

$150 Pup surgery family in need

$250 Vscan Vet family in need

$1356 Lanark Leeds spay and neuters sponsored

$100 Roronne avec moi - pound paws

$100 Pawportunity rescue

$150 Lanark Leeds spay and neuter

$100 Animal Aid Rescue

$226 Lanark Leeds spay and neuter

$3672.50 Lanark Leeds spay and neuter

$288.15 Lanark Leeds spay and neuter

$12 Whiskers and Alley Cats

$250 Action volunteers animals rescue

$150 family in need

$100 family in need

$192.10 Lanark Leeds spay and neuter

$75 My Sharonna rescue

$520 Presctoo vet family in need

$148 Pet Resource Bank

$167 Mission Pawsible

TOTALS are IN - In our SECOND year running as the HolliBell Foundation we donated over to $35,000 to a variety of animal needs. Which brings our two year TOTAL to $62,000 donated!!!

2nd year of HolliBell Foundation (Oct 2019 - Oct 2020)

$300 to Berkley (through CRN) - hit by car medical needs

$250 to Dickie's Cause 4 Paws TNR program

$1620 to Spencerville TNR to our Sponsored Spay and Neuter Program (20 cats)

$191.97 purchase of 3 microchip scanners for local rescues

$178.31 pet food purchase for The Village senior donations

$1,020.60 payment to vet bill for client of Pet Resource Bank

$1079.11 to purchase items in our Gift giveaway to 15 rescues

$100 to Rideau Wildflife  Sanctuary

$570.08 payment to vet bill for client of Pet Resource Bank

$250 to Pound Paws for Mitaine

$250 to Merivale Vet for Cat Rescue Network

$50 to each Meet The Keepers, Marshall, Community Alley Trappers

$83 to Mission Pawsible for Winter Shelter Donations

$100 to Poets Vision

$360 Spencerville TNR 4 sponsored spots Spay and Neuter Program

$400 Liesse Clinic for Pudding Palace's rescue medical needs

$1400 support for service dog - local family

$69 dog bed purchased for local fundraiser of animals supporter

$402.50 donation to Spencerville TNR through our Featured Rescue initiative

$500 sent to Dickies Cause for Paws for low income spays

$1200 sent to 100xvet to support the treatment for Bianca

$200 sent to Ottawa Rabbit Rescue to help start

$300 sent to More than a Feline for Buddy

$250 to help relocate an Emu to Big Sky Ranch

$100 to Adopt Me

$320 donated to Poet's Vision through our Featured Rescue initiative

$220 donated to Poet's Vision in food supplies

$282.27 food donations to Dickies Cause 4 Paws

$1500 Sponsored Spay and neuter clinic thorugh Spencerville TNR

$63 food supplies Poet's Vision

$400 to Poet's Visiont for Feebbee spay and medical needs

$400 Featured rescue Help Papineau Homeless cats

$600 to Pet Resource Bank client in need with vet bills

$500 Eagleson Vet for Marshall's Dog Rescue

$500 Glebe Vet for Avery Foundation

$247.57 food donations to Dickie's Cause 4 Paws

$228.21 food donations to Heidi's Kitty Haven

$200 donation to Dickie's Cause 4 Paws

$250 food donation to Spencerville TNR

$1000 towards surgery of a dog of family in need

$254.68 food donation to Operation Spay and Neuter

$500 Featured rescue Cat Rescue Network

$200 Ottawa Stray Cat on behalf of Shelly D

$200 Pet Resource Bank

$250 Poets Vision for Forrest

$256.33 food donation Vanier Street Cats

$200 Bullies in Need donation

$200 More than a Feline - Giving Tuesday

$200 Holly's Haven Wildlife - Giving Tuesday

$200 Valley Animal Rescue - Giving Tuesday

$840 Featured rescue Marshall Dog Rescue fundraiser

$150 Holly's Haven Wildlife

$800 Adopt Me Cat Rescue Featured rescue fundraiser

$25 Mission Pawsible for work they do

$250 Pound Paws Cats

$50 Ottawa Rabbit Rescue

$65 Avery Foundation

$250 Vanier Street Cat Leon support

$250 More than a Feline food donation

$400 Colony help Plantagenat

$191 Avery Foundation

$200 Auberge Zen (through Pound Paws) - orphaned kitten help

$100 transport cost for dogs from Egypt (Melissa L)

$500 Garretts Seizure Dog support

$500 Spencerville spay and neuter program

$250 Poet's Vision ultrasound cost for Tate

$64 Dickies Cause for Paws

$150 More than a Feline Hickory meds supplies

$98.05 food donations for Vanier Street Cats

$200 Whiskers and Alley Cat vet donation

$595 Little Rays Fundraiser (with Help Ottawa Fur Kids - total raised $2615)

$335 veterinary support for family in need

$400 Featured rescue Community Alley Trappers

$60 Dickies Cause for Paws

$200 Heidi's Kitty Haven donation match for Merlin

$200 Help Papineau rescue

$143.50 to purchase a crate for More Than a Feline

$150 Pound Paws Pon Pon

$700 family in need through Montreal Vet

$100 Pound Paws medical needs

$150 Last Chance pull fees

$400 Eastern Potcake Molly

$610 for Js rescue food and financial support

$300 pound paws (India, Zita and Coco)

$400 Avery Foundation

$355 No Paw left Behind and Arnprior Humane Society

$350 Help Papineau Leo

$267.75 Vanier Street Cats Riverside Vet

$300 Pound Paws (Mitaine, Colleux, Scarlou)

$203.33 Food Spencerville TNR

$200 to each No Paw left behind, Avery Foundation, Homes for Paws, Arnprior HD, Spencerville

$150 Last Chance pull fees

$150 Vanier street cats

$500 to each Dickie's Cause for Paws and More than a Feline

$170 for traps for Dickie's Cause for Paws and More than a Feline

In our First year running as the HolliBell Foundation we donated close to $27,000 to a variety of animal needs


We started 2019 off with a BANG. Our New Year Gift Donations were so well received. We donated $1500 to local rescues

$600 to Poet's Vision

$250 to Barn Buddies - Ottawa Area

$150 to All but Forgotten Cats - Brockville

$100 to each of the following - the Avery Foundation, Dickies Cause for Paws, Birch Haven & Rehabilitation Center, Sit we Me and Eastern Ontario Potcake Rescue

$100 donated to Home for Paws Dog Rescue for help in transportation costs

$3500 donated to run a Spay and Neuter Clinic that will see 34 cats (16 stray and 18 family pets) get sterilized

$1000 donated to Pound Paws for pull fees, boarding fess and medical needs to get dogs out of high kill pounds and into rescues

$750 donated to Dickies Cause for Paws for help with a colony of cats in a hoarding situation

$500 donated to Meet the Keepers for medical expenses

$250 donated to Help Papineau Homeless cats for medical expenses

$250 donated to a rescue family in need

$250 donated to LAWS on behalf of Carol (Paw Print Contest)

$200 donated to All but Forgotten Cats for medical expenses

$250 donated to Pound Paws Cats for various medical or help pulling cats into rescues

$500 donated to Pound Paws to help with boarding fees for dogs (like Caesar) pulled from high kill pounds

$250 donated to Dickies Cause for Paws on behalf of Roy (Paw Print Contest)

$286.95 donated to Poet's Vision for expenses for Flower

$900 donated to Birch Haven and Rehabilitation Center for their auction to have dogs spend special days with individuals in need

$500 donated to Pound Paws Cats to help with medical bills

$320 donated to The Avery Foundation for PAWS month Pet Valu Manotick

$250 donated to Franktown Road Fire victim

$332.65 to 100xvet for cost of bloodwork/xrays for surgery of Momma cat (owner could not afford all costs)

$400 to Spencerville TNR for ear surgery for Onyx

$100 Refuge Kitty Cat in memory of Mr. Cooper

$250 to Eastern Ontario Potcake Rescue

$250 to Marshalls Dog Rescue

$1000 to Freedom Dog Rescue

$500 to Bullies in Need for Noah vet bills

$250 to For the Love of Paws

$250 to Mission Pawsible for help with Buddy's ear infection

$302.20 food food purchases for Dickies Cause for Paws

$100 to Pound Paws for Misty Dental

$700 to Barn Buddies through our Fathers Day event

$300 to Spencerville TNR through our Fathers Day event

$1000 to All but Forgotten Brockville for Matching fundraiser

$250 to Help Papineau Homeless Cats for Abbey and family

$150 to Pound Paws for boarding costs

$400 to Sultan Family Sanctuary help with veterinary expenses for their donkeys

$100 to Pound Paws/Ronronne avec moi help with cats

$250 to Knot Furgotten Rescue in the form of a Pet Valu GC after the fire at the rescue

$400 to Dickies cause for PAWS medical needs for Squeak

$68 to Barn buddies for crate purchase

$440 for Rambo medical needs to Hanks Haven

$250 to Ottawa Dog Rescue for Potcake Puppy Palace in the Bahamas for hurricane help

$1458 towards a Sponsored Spay and Neuter Discounted Day for families in need - Partnered with Mission Pawsible to raise funds

$275 to pay for shipping cost of leashes and collars for Animals SOS Sri Lanka

$300 to Pound Paws for medical support

$200 to The Avery Foundation for medical support

Nov and Dec 2018

- our first Paw it Forward donation was made to Spencerville and area TNR Program. $280 was donated to help purchase flea and deworming meds for a colony of cats in Russell being trapped.

- a donation of $175.42 was sent to Freedom Dog Rescue to sponsor Lucky Lady's secret Santa wishlist

- a $450 donation was sent to a family in need after a terrible fire took their home and 9 loved pets

- Our Holiday Food drive brought in 607 items along with Gift cards to pet Stores. A donation of food and gift cards was made to Dickie's Paws for Cause. The majority of the items were donated to Ottawa Paw Pantry and a $200 donation was made to All but Forgotten Cats in Brockville


  • Volunteer for events

  • Run your own Bake Sale or event and raise funds for our Foundation

  • Help spread the Word

  • Run Christmas Hamper Projects at work for animal food and toys



How we all started??


Through a simple Cupcake. And this continues to be our signature event.


Since our start of baking cupcakes for a Cause - we have raised $60,5331.25

2022 - $10,977 raised!

2021 - $10,609.75 was raised. With a new initiative to support Frontline Workers - 114 packs were donated to support them while raising money for animals. This money was used to support affordable spay and neuter clinics for families in need.

2020 - $7,064.50 was raised.

2019 - $8,000 was raised


$3400 raised for Dickies Cause for PAWS and $3400 for Furry Tales Cat Rescue


$1860 raised for Dickies Cause for PAWS, $1860 raised for Furry Tales Cat Rescue
$1860 raised for Marshall Dog Rescue

2016 CUPCAKES FOR A CAUSE $5000 raised for LAWS (Lanark Animal Welfare Society)


$4,000 raised for LAWS (Lanark Animal Welfare Society)

$2500 raised for LAWS (Lanark Animal Welfare Society)


Cupcakes for a Cause is made up of two fantastic ladies who know how to bake, Yum Yum! Not only are they delicious but they are baked with love and the main goal is to raise money for animals in need. I have been blessed to receive donations from them over the past couple years, which I have used for vet funds for the care of kittens and cat in our rescue. A big hug to these ladies and Cupcakes for a Cause for their tireless fundraising. Shelly Dickie (founder of Dickies Cause 4 Paws, a non-profit kitten rescue as well as TNR)

I have known Heidi for many years and the one thing that has never changed is her unwavering support of animals and tireless effort to help those in need. From going out of her way with hours of free time and money working with Caroline doing baking and fundraisers, the two of them have saved and supported countless rescues. I've always enjoyed being able to support the many fundraising events they've done and thanks to them welcome my most recent family member Elliot. Thank you to both of you for the tireless work you do on a daily basis! Love Christine and Elliot

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