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Heidi Bell created Cupcakes for a Cause, an annual event in 2014 to raise funds for local animal rescues. Caroline Hollingworth joined in 2015. The fundraiser has raised over $70,000, all of which has been donated to support local rescues and provide affordable spay and neuter. 


With our love of animals, we have decided to expand our efforts past Cupcakes for a Cause to help raise more money each year to help those in need. We hope that our supporters will help share in this vision. And so from this we grow....


I grew up on our family horse farm just outside Almonte. My parents always instilled a strong work ethic as well as a great compassion towards animals, which meant not only caring for the horses we owned and boarded, but also for all the other critters that made their way to our farm. I learned from a very early age how much I loved caring for animals and I have always known it would become a lifelong passion for me. 

My education is in science and I have been working in my field for over nineteen years. As much as I enjoy my line of work, I have always filled my spare time working with animals, mostly through equine sport. 

A second passion of mine is baking, which I have used to start my own little business 'Cutie Pops' (mostly for family and friends.)


A few years ago, I heard an advertisement for National Cupcake Day, where they encourage you to bake and sell the goods, with all proceeds going towards animals shelters. I loved the idea of combining two things I loved, helping animals in need and baking sweet treats. That is how Cupcakes for Cause was born.


I have always had a passion for animals. With an Honors Degree in Biology, I have always studied and been involved with animals. For several years I ran a horse breeding and training facility with my mom and sister, during that time I also helped rescue many stray cats to get them fixed and find them homes (some of course with me.)


I am now married with four beautiful children, and have devoted my time to my family and my love of helping animals in need. 


I joined Heidi in her fundraising cause of Cupcakes for a cause when I saw that she needed help from other bakers to raise funds. Since I love to bake, it seemed like a perfect fit. I have not turned back. Each year we grow and I love that we can provide help to many deserving animals.


I have volunteered for local rescues, continuing my work to help animals (specifically cats) in need find their deserving homes. It breaks my heart to know so many don't have the warmth of a soft bed to curl up on.


We are blessed to have 4 wonderful cats, all of which are rescued. I love to teach the children about the compassion we should have for animals, as it is never their fault for being abandoned or left to fend for themselves. My children have made me so proud by joining me in raising funds and supporting where we can. From bake sales to asking for food donations instead of birthday presents to making their own crafts to sell, they have really embraced what they can do to help. My fabulous husband is so supportive and of course I couldn't do this without his love and support.


I am so proud of what we have already accomplished and am excited about embarking on the path to help people spay and neuter their pets.

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Our Team


Debbie is a dedicated bookkeeper with a passion for animals. She enjoys spending her days helping businesses stay on track financially. When she's not working, Debbie can usually be found spending time with her family at their cottage. Her favorite pastime is enjoying the great outdoors, whether it's taking long walks with her dogs, kayaking, or just relaxing by the lake. Debbie has always been a huge animal lover and is dedicated to her her own fur babies. To be able to help the Hollibell Foundation with their finances has been an extreme joy for her.




Sorina is the head coach at Lone Wolf Farm where she trains horses and helps coach her students to learn the love of horses. Her students learn a positive experience and that working towards just being the best you can be and having fun is goal #1. Her students have been very successful at many levels of the equestrian world. Sorina and her husband Kuang have one child (Sanders). Sorina is on the OVPSC as a director at large. She currently runs our Instagram account.

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