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Every year, millions of animals are euthanized. Simply because there are not enough homes.

Spaying your female pet and neutering your male pet not only helps reduce the over population of animals but

Neutering can decrease aggressive behaviors, which means less fighting and therefore less injuries.
- Spaying can decrease unwanted behaviors that are seen during a heat cycle, changes of behavior, constant howling, trying to escape, inappropriate urination around the house and attracting un-neutered males.
- Neutering and spaying help to reduce health problems such as certain cancers (mammary, ovarian, testicular and uterine), pyometra (a uterine infection that is deadly) and generally spayed and neutered pets live longer.

Let's go back to the GRASS ROOTS. Spay and neuter options should be available to everyone.
We are here to remove the financial and accessible barriers.

Our Mission is to support the welfare of animals through spay and neuter of domestic, stray and feral animals to better the community.

To accomplish this we provide financial support to spay and neuter pets and strays.

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Supporting the Ottawa and surrounding areas.

Do you require financial support to get your pet spayed and neutered?
Read below to determine which category best suits you.


FULL sponsorship will be considered on a case by case basis and depending on our funds available.


Individuals need to be referred by a case/social worker or be with an organization that has case/social workers that support vulnerable individuals and families.


Open to anyone regardless of financial situation or location of resident. Sponsored days are offered monthly at the Lanark Leeds Grenville spay and neuter clinic in Brockville. Owners must fill out the form directly through LANARK website and must indicate The HolliBell Foundation days (please add this to the Vet section on the form).



This category is open only to approved rescue groups. This sponsorship will include a donation towards a spay and neuter day booked with Lanark Leeds Grenville spay and neuter clinic. Sponsorship will cover partial or full payment for spay and neuter days.

Rescues, please email us at

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